This project is the first of its kind in the West Sussex area and aims to incorporate the local NHS Primary Care Trust, local charities and medical practices to offer a unique service to West Sussex M.E patients. A new clinic offering multidisciplinary treatments and therapies will be the end result of the project, its initial team of doctors will be trained by a top US M.E expert.

Part of the project will incorporate education and awareness of M.E. We have already designed and produced an informative educational booklet to be distributed across doctors surgeries and hospitals within the West Sussex region which will be the initial focus of our fundraising scheme.

From a report in 1999 by the Sussex & Kent M.E/CFS Society, there are 4,500 M.E sufferers in Sussex. The number of M.E cases has risen dramatically over the past few years so there could possibly be almost 6000 sufferers in the county, a percentage of whom are severely affected and unable to access local services. The only service for patients in Sussex is the West Sussex Chronic Fatigue Service who state that they do not cater for severely affected patients. Patients who are suffering from classic burnout, stress and depression causing fatigue like symptoms may benefit from the services offered by this clinic which includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Graded Exercise Therapy but these treatments are not suitable for severely affected M.E sufferers who need a tailor made program addressing all areas of health, endocrine, immune and nervous system monitoring. The NICE Guidelines for M.E are due to be under review in 2013 and with that will recommend a more broad structure of treatment for M.E patients.

Our clinic will be the first in the county to offer a comprehensive range of treatment ranging from immune profiling to nutrition. The basis of our treatment will be focused on the work of Rich Van Konyenberg's Methylation Protocol, details of which can be found on this site. We will also be offering holistic therapies and are looking into other treatment possibilites for patients such as the Perrin Technique and GCMAF. 

Patients to be reassessed and diagnosis checked using the ICC Criteria. Any other specific problems picked up, patient is to be referred back to GP for specialist referral.

There are many ways you can get involved. You can donate (details of how coming soon), volunteer to give out educational material and put up posters, attend our support group meetings and come to our events. 

Patient Management of ME

Our service aims to advise patients with ME to pace themselves carefully and to avoid unusual emotional or physical stress. There will be group support sessions to discuss pacing and techniques.

We shall teach our patients to follow a regular and manageable daily routine. Exercise will NOT be forced upon any patient or be the basis of any treatment protocols. In moderate cases patients can opt to try acupuncture, chiropractor, and different forms of massage.

Prescription Medications

There are currently no FDA-approved prescription medications for use in treating ME. There are, however, a number of medications that are used to treat the various symptoms of ME. Many are recommended for effects that may be unrelated to their primary use. These may include antifungals, antihistamines, antivirals, immunoglobulins, supplements, anti-inflammatories and herbs. 


Perrin Techinque: 

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