Despite how ill I am and how acutely, harrowingly ill I have been this year, I couldn't not respond to this latest piece of what some call "journalism" – I call it obtuse, factually erroneous garbage!

But, of course, the papers – thus far Telegraph and Daily Fail – failed entirely to mention their previous articles on ME:…/First-biological-proof-that-ME……/What-its-like-to-live-with-sev……/…/Emily-didnt-only-have-ME.html…/All-mind-Why-critics-wrong-den……/Ive-seen-patients-paralysed-dy…

But that little hiccup aside (so embarrassing for them, clearly), apart from the fact ALL newspapers continually and nauseatingly contradict themselves on a daily basis, particularly over the latest health claims, such articles ARE damaging to communities and individuals whose situations are inaccurately reported on and thus taken as gospel by the trusting public. BUT. Ignorance is frankly NO excuse. Not for the journalists or the readers.

In direct regards to the latest claims, and before I get to the marvellous dissection of said claims, I draw your attention to these specific facts:

ME is NOT 'CFS' because 'CFS' does not actually exist. It is an umbrella term, coined first by the USA to dumb down the severity of known ME during the Eighties, as a way of preventing more health insurance claims at a time of dealing with the HIV/AIDS outbreaks.

This term was taken by Simon Wessely, psychiatrist of the UK, in the Nineties and he deliberately muddled ‘CFS’ with ME – which has been independently classed as a neurological disease by the WHO since 1969 – to mean a somatoform disorder; essentially "all in the mind" and that, in his opinion, we can simply think ourselves well by being positive and doing gentle exercise, and we only remain ill because we believe we cannot be cured.

That is the equivalent to telling a soldier who has been in an explosion to magically grow his amputated legs back!

There is absolutely no doubt that being positive helps ANY chronic disease. There is no doubt that controlling one's stress levels helps ANY chronic disease. There is no doubt doing the best for one's body by diet and supportive exercise – within reason – helps ANY chronic disease. I personally believe we are all made of pure energy and that our souls are ultimately in control of our shells – again, within reason; and that we are all connected together as part of the universe and beyond. But in reality, whether I am right or wrong, when it comes to controlled thinking, there's only two options: to control what one can in life, and control one's REACTION to that which one can't. I try to do this. There are many scenarios and situations that scare me so much I would rather die than have any of them happen; I have seen far too much suffering and death. But death itself does not scare me; only the journey towards it. And I can do only the above until it is time to depart.

With ME in particular, it is often linked – inaccurately – with depression. Clinical depression needs identifying and deserves proper help. Any "depression" in true ME, as diagnosed based on the Canadian Consensus Criteria, is merely a secondary response to being SO. DAMN. ILL! It is NOT the cause!

Additionally, that goes for panic attacks and anxiety: do not forget that ME attacks every system, including the autonomic system, which leads to heart involvement – and THAT can actively cause anxious feelings all on its own when one's heart is beating at excessively high rates.

If ME has "psychological factors" then so does EVERY disease known to man: MS, Lupus, Lyme, Parkinson's, Diabetes, et cetera. All of them.

The reason this badly written article is doing the rounds is in direct response to the Oxford PACE trial (with a measly 481 people, against a 250,000+ stronghold of those with ME, many of that number almost certainly suffering something else entirely!) being torn to shreds by David Tuller. You can read it here:

I personally think the power of thought control is extremely useful – yet equally extremely dangerous. Because to over-think your own personal role in your level of health is terrifying. Self-blame holds no use yet we are essentially being told to blame ourselves and that it is our fault we are ill.

This disease is utterly overwhelming. It filters through and damages EVERY cell against our every conscious wish. No one with ME WANTS to have it!

Medicine is now beginning to prove absolutely the biochemical changes taking place in our slowly dying bodies; although ways to determine ME have been around for years. But these new discoveries frighten the life out of the psychiatrists responsible for destroying lives – and taking lives. People have died and are still dying.

I do not know what ME is. I suspect, like I think of most disease and illness, that it is primarily a malfunctioning immune system, which then systematically dismantles every other system in the body. It might be viral. It might be retroviral, like HIV. It may even be something inherent. Genetic. The same disease with different strains or even different causes. The possibilities are vast.

And for those who improve/recover: has it gone into remission? If so, why? Or were they even diagnosed correctly in the first place?

For as long as those falling ill are placed into the "we don't know" umbrella, the horrific suffering – and death – will continue.

ME is not difficult to diagnose if you know what you are doing. Why not ask the sufferers? We – especially the ignored severe – are the experts. I have pushed my body every which way and only come off worse. Figure that one out!

Whatever the cause, the importance is acknowledgement and treatment. Proper education is needed from the GMC for a start!

To segregate those with suspected ME versus something else is not medical apartheid. It is logic. Anyone who is suffering in any way needs help. But some more than others. And ME has been abused for too long.

Changes are coming. The shadowy waters of ME will eventually clear, and those accountable for perhaps the biggest disease cover-up in medical history will be under the spotlight.

Once again, to quote Mulder, "The Truth Is Out There".

I urge you to seek it. You can start by going here:

And here:

The two best sources of Myalgic Encelphalomyelitis on the internet.

And of course, please continue to watch and share my painstakingly created videos:

And my previous, more in-depth response regarding ME, published on a blog:…/the-caged-birds-resp…/

Oh. Just ONE more thing: we with ME are BANNED from donating blood. If it is to protect OUR health, why would we need protecting if we can simply think and exercise our way out of it? Ironic, much?

The truth is out there, indeed ...

Thank you for reading. Please share; it nearly killed me typing this with three fingers!